revision of book summary of PCP

Tue Apr 9 16:57:55 MDT 1996

     The following points strike me as being relevant
for inclusion in the previous sent-out box on "A New
Kind of Marxism?"

     1)  After the arrest of Gonzalo the Peruvian government
engaged in a strong campaign to suppress the movement using
death squads, mass arrests, and torture.

     2)  President Fujimori seized dictatorial power but was
then reelected, also gaining control of the new parliament.
Many attribute his election to popularity of his campaign against
the guerrillas.

     3)  More recently the movement has revived itself and begun
again to expand its revolutionary activity.

     4)  Reports have surfaced of a split within the group between
"peace" and "war" factions, with the government claiming that Gonzalo
is part of the peace faction.  This has been denied by the supporters
of the PCP and no one has had access to Gonzalo since these reports
first surfaced.

     BTW, it also seems to me that the reports of cannibalism during
the GPCR should be reported in the section of the book on China.  That
what I think should be included carries some weight is because, as
don Adolpho may have guessed (and Doug Henwood actually did guess), I
am a co-author of the book in question, now being read by thousands
of students worldwide.
     The book is _Comparative Economic Systems in a Transforming
World Economy_, by J. Barkley Rosser, Jr. and Marina V. Rosser,
1996, Richard D. Irwin, Inc. Chicago (Burr Ridge).  The actual page
cite, which Doug did not come up with, so no red star, is p. 69.
Barkley Rosser
Professor of Economics
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA 22807 USA

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