1996 Youth Summit

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Tue Apr 9 16:53:23 MDT 1996

A big THANK YOU to the organizers of the 1996 Youth Summit for e-mailing
to me that the issue of PSYCHIATRIC OPPRESSION of youth will be one
of the key subjects addressed at the Youth Summit!

There is an astronomical increase in the number of youth being
"psychiatrized," with more and more powerful psychiatric drugging, forced
drugging, even electroshock. Private psychiatric institution lock-ups --
using often bizarre behavior modification, restraint and solitary
confinement systems -- have skyrocketed in the past two decades.

Here at Support Coalition office, we are hearing of deaths of youth
resulting from some of these practices.

I am pro-choice: If someone feels a psychiatric drug will help them,
that's their choice. But too few people in the USA are talking about why
2,000,000 youth are now on Ritalin, which is a form of speed. Perhaps the
Youth Summit can begin to break the silence that there are better ways.

There are humane empowering sustainable alternatives for youth in
distress such as peer support, and these are often denied to youth.

There are no easy answers, but THANK YOU for bringing up this ignored
social change movement for psychiatric survivors. I first discovered this
particular oppression as a youth in the mid-1970's, when I experienced
forced psychiatric drugging as the answer to my own distress.  This is my
20th year of activism in this field, and I'm glad a multi-issue youth
organization is encompassing these concerns! Go for it!

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