CEP: Re: HANS: Confessions of a paranoid?

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Tue Apr 9 19:12:01 MDT 1996

In a message dated 96-04-07 Carlos (CEP) wrote:

>You(Gina) wrote:
>>Excuse me, I know there's been some heated exchanges on the list
>>recently, but who ever threatened anyone with bodily harm?  If Mr.
>>Ehrbar feels he was so threatened, he should quote the post, so we
>>can see if his fears are justified.

>    You are either lying or have a weak memory.  There were threats
>    of physical violence (i.e.: "We'll take care of him ..",etc)
>    in this list coming from PCP members ...
>    But, maybe what Hans Ehrbar was no able to discern is that
>    these PCPers are impotent petitbourgeois pimps who cannot,
>    by way of isolation and lack of capability, to carry out
>    their empty threats.
>    Carlos

 WOW! what a picture!  here we have two grown men (at least I
assume it's two grown men--it's hard to tell out here in cyberspace)
quaking in their boots in the face of the dire threat, " ' We'll take care
of him ..',etc", tapped onto a keyboard in one part of the world
and then zapped thousands of miles thru cyberspace!  It's enough
to make MY knees weak, I tell ya-- with laughter!  What-- they
think those little pixels are gonna jump off the screen and explode
in their face, or what?

And as for "PCP members" participating in this list, I have my doubts.
I mean, I guess they could stash one of those  little laptops in their
backpacks alongside the mess kit and the ammo, but where would
they plug in the modem???  Naahhh. All you got is us humble PCP
supporters.  Sorry.  You'll just have to make do.

Gina/ Detroit

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