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Jorn Andersen ccc6639 at
Wed Apr 10 03:10:38 MDT 1996

Ken wrote:
>In case anyone cares, I just finished adding David Riazanov's 1927 book
>(lecture series for Soviet workers, originally) called _Karl Marx and
>Friedrich Engels: An Introduction to Their Lives and Work_. It's a very
>readable tome, very broad in scope yet concise in language. I agree with
>Paul Sweezy's assessment that it makes a terrific "primer" for those wanting
>to become better acquainted with Karl and Fred's busy little lives.

I read this one some years ago and - "In case anyone cares" - I would just
add my recommandation. Really it isn't a book but a series of lectures, that
Riazanov made *for workers* in Russia just after the revolution. In itself an
example of how the thirst for workers to *know* more, *understand* more
about society rises as soon as they get a *real* possibility for influence on
It's great that these lectures that were originaly attended by thousands are
now again available to new thousands.


Jorn Andersen


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