Gay liberation versus starvation

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Tue Apr 9 23:16:35 MDT 1996

>I side with Siddharth on this issue.  The Peruvian peasants have more
>important things to do right now than worry about gay liberation.  The
>insistence of many intellectuals on this list on this issue is a
>transparent cover for their real objective, which is, to discredit the
>Hans Ehrbar.
>Ehrbar, you have disgraced yourself with this post and exposed the sham of
the role you played in the splitting of  the list.  You came forward not to
advance Marxist theory but to save Maoism.  For your troubles the PCP have
bitten your ass and frightened the shit out of you you miserable  little
grub and that is some comfort.

You phony moderator,  read the intro to this list.  It still talks of queer
theory.  I suppose you intend to change this unilaterally.  If Spoons was
anything other than a liberal shambles they would sack you as liaison and

I have consistently raised gay issues on this list and will continue to do
so.  Of course I loathe Maoism and Stalinism and just one of the reasons I
do is that it breeds frauds like you.  I raised the gay issue as a gay man.
You say in this post I have no right to.  My objective is to point out that
Maoism and the PCP are not emancipatory.  Your response and that of
Chaterjee bears out what I have said.  Your purpose in writing this is to
cover once more for the PCP but in doing so you expose your own homophobia.

Meanwhile the Knight of the Shining Path, Don Adolfo Olaechea  remains
silent.  What we are faced with here is the conspiracy of the homophobes
masquerading as the cohorts  of the revolution. some revolution!


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