On Chatterjee was Gay Liberation

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Tue Apr 9 23:31:05 MDT 1996

>> At 12:57 PM 4/9/96, Siddharth Chatterjee wrote:
>The words" full development of the individual" are very inspiring, after
>all most of humanity would desire that. Trouble is how to get there. It
>is correct to some extent that gay liberation is one aspect of the
>class struggle, however this issue is predominant in the rich countries
>and even there the struggle is confined to a minority of the (upper)
>working class. In large parts of the world, this issue is negligible
>in importance compared to the grind that people face in their daily life,
>many of them would be amazed if this issue is broached since they would
>probably be encountering the concept of homosexuality for the first time.
>This is changing though, as the capitalist media monolpoly spreads over
>the globe. Instead of just repeating the words "gay liberation" as a
>diversionary fig leaf, it would be much more fruitful to support the
>cause of homeless gay and straight people suffering from AIDS; that would
>be a much more concrete liberation struggle.

This is so prejudiced and plain stupid.  It repeats the old Stalinist
slander that gays are bourgeois.  Only the truly ignorant could advance
this.  But then we should not expect much from someone who comes from a
politics and a culture which places a taboo over the whole subject.

Since when have Marxists ever said to a group of the oppressed that raising
their cause is "diversionary"? Yet Chatterjee and that disgrace of a
moderator Ehrbar have both argued this.  It is their homophobia which drives
this as much as their servitude to Mao Thought.

And let me point out  to this fool that one of the reasons that Aids is
wrecking havoc in India is because of the stupid taboos that are placed
around the subject and which this clown repeats.

>If one is being eaten by
>a tiger and bitten by a mosquito simultaneously, how should one act?

Alas nothing is biting this priviliged twit. More's the pity.

Meanwhile the Lord of All, the mighty Junker, Adolfo Olaechea, says nothing.
Come on your majesty.  Tell us where  you stand on gay liberation.


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