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Wed Apr 10 01:18:32 MDT 1996

Lisa drew attention to the irony that among the many quotations
>from Mao, one runs-

"Ideological struggle is not like other forms of struggle.  The only
method to be used in this struggle is that of painstaking reason and
not of crude coercion."

I't a good point, and whether Mao said it or not, it is IMO particularly
relevant for this l'st. Of course there is room for robust confrontation,
and Adolfo is free to refer to another passage from Mao
is support of his view that he, Adolfo, had to smite revionism hip and thigh
in order to begin to get a hearing, perhaps in the face of the opposition
that greeted him and his comrades. But this sort of thing can become
a self-reinforcing system.

I prefer the approach of Gina, which IMO has been more
consistent with the passage Lisa quoted. Certainly I have important
political differences with Gina, and at the end of the day,
whether I am merely somewhat contaminated with imperialist prejudices,
or an active agent disseminating imperialist prejudices on the l'st,
is a matter of degree, and conduct, and she may not differ fundamentally
>from Adolfo on this.

But the approach helps.

Or is it that Gina is able to confront assertively, without being
aggressive or competitive? Is the problem with Adolfo's style
not a lordly arrogance but a bit of machismo? Perhaps that is just
another way of discussing the same thing.

Anyway Adolfo has every right to post as he thinks fit. It will all
come out in the wash; and I don't want to put Gina on some sort of
pedestal. But I hope PCP supporters will continue to sum up
how they contribute to discussions in the most effective, and perhaps
varied, way on this l'st. I hope they will understand that those of
us who were on this l'st before they subscribed may have a sense of it
as certainly an imperfect community but a community none the less, that
needs constantly to renew conventions about how to tolerate and then
discuss in a constructive way, very major differences of principle.

Anyway Adolfo has conceded that some one-sidedness is inevitable in
polemic, and I would concede that without some fireworks important issues
sometimes do not get raised at all.

Meanwhile if the temperature drops too rapidly, in all seriousness
I think we may find PCP supporters leaving the l'st altogether, which
would be highly ironical and IMO not be the best outcome of all this
struggle either.

Where after all is Shawgi?

Chris B, London

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