revision of book summary of PCP

Wed Apr 10 12:28:17 MDT 1996

To Ken:
    If you check out the archives, I think that what you
will find is that, aside from my "ineffectual trolling"
right after my return to the list, my postings on the PCP
have been not been "flame-ridden" and have been along the
lines of "It is very hard to ascertain the facts on the ground."
I am not one of the people who has had to withdraw wild claims
or assertions about the PCP because I have been very careful
about what I have said.  If you have some factual response to
this, that would be welcome.  Otherwise...
     BTW, for the johnny-come-lately goon squad let me note that
I have already been "exposed" numerous times on this list and
another as a wretched revisionist tenured professor by the inimitable
Louis Proyect (that was before Louis G. got into "exposing" him for
the alleged same misbehavior).  Not only that I have already been
called all of the more pungent Anglo-Saxon four letter words.
Furthermore, Shawgi Tell has also informed everybody that I am a
"fascist-racist-imperialist-anti-discussion-revisionist" plus some.
So, fire away, if you can top all of that.
Barkley Rosser

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