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Wed Apr 10 12:50:22 MDT 1996

This subject has stirred up a hornets nest among the "liberal" intellegentsia
who now-a-days find it quite fashionable to uncritically support various
kinds of movements like bourgeois "feminism", gay liberation, etc. This
is supposed to show their broad-mindedness, proletarian character, and so
on. There are two tangled issues here which have to be resolved. First is
the physical and political attack on gays and lesbians by the right-wing
which has to be resisted unconditionally by all freedom-loving people. There
can be no question or hesitation about this. This also implies supporting
unconditionally homeless gay and straight people with AIDS in their fight
against oppression. The second issue is the advocacy of homosexuality
and lesbianism. It is upto gay people to do this and not someone like me
who is not gay (otherwise it would be insincere). If that draws the
expletives of "Stalinist Maoist homophobe", "revolting" from progressives,
nothing can be done about it. Using a similar reverse logic, one can
hurl the word "hetero-phobe" at gays who advocate homosexuality since
tacitly they are opposing heterosexuality.

As regards Mr. Maclennan's colorful postings on this matter, it should
have been apparent to me that that there was something personal inv-
olved. Now that it is clear, one wonders how would Mr. Maclennan compare
his own oppression to that of the original people of Australia today (who
were once shot and hunted as game by the "civilized" white race). Or one
should not make this comparision at all since two oppressions cannot
be compared and only homo-phobes could make this comparison? I am
raising this issue since Mr Maclennan and Mr. Mahajan seem to exhibit
a tacit contempt for third-world people and their struggles. What
about gay reactionaries (like the log-cabin Republicans)? What should
be the viewpoint adopted towards them? Or their very fact of being gay
precludes all criticism? Also what attitude should be adopted towards
groups like NAMBLA (North-American Man Boy Love Asociation) which is
a "voluntary" organization according to its members? One of the "left
vanguard" parties have supported them. Many years ago, there was a
television interview of one of its members who revealed that he was
actually a reactionary posing as a liberator. What percentage of
working people worldwide are gay and also in individual countries?
Among what income groups are they concentrated? What are their politics?

These are some of the questions that could be fruitfully addressed by
the gay liberators, instead one just hears accusatory adjectives, high-
posing and pompous morality, and inflationary rhetoric.

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