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                    *****  Announcement *****

    Left Opposition # 2 is out - 48 pages - English version
    Oposición de Izquierda # 2 - 48 pages - Spanish version

    We decided to publish two magazine instead the combined edition
    of English-Spanish.

    By my count, 83 people from the Marxism List will receive copies
    of this magazine by snail mail in the next 10 days.  If you don't
    receive and you are a subscriber, please drop us a line to:

                        iwp.ilo at ix.netcom.com

    Left Opposition is circulated worldwide (snail mail) through free
    subscription.  If you would like to subscribe, send name, address
    (including country and zip code) to:

                        iwp.ilo at ix.netcom.com


    Editorial: France and England: A Wake-up Call for Revolutionary

    Resolutions of the Left Opposition Conference: Immigrant Rights: A
    challenge to the Left - Conference Held in San Francisco, November
    18, 1995

    Stop the Attacks Against Cuba!

    Agreement with Argentine Comrades

    Scargill's Call:
    For a New Left Wing Socialist Labour Party in Britain
    by Simon Morales

    The French Strikes in Perspective
    by Stuart Morris

    Chronology of the French Strikes and Related Events
    by Stuart Morris

    What's Left?:

    Latino Community in San Francisco Organized First Immigrant Pride

    The Crisis of the Phillipine's Communist Party

    Turkish Party of "Love and Revolution"

    The Guest Speaker that Couldn't Mention the Name "Trotsky"

    Split in the International Tendency of the British SWP

    The Case of Lori Berenson

    Cry for the Persecuted, Argentina

    The End of the Japan Socialist Party

    Lutte Ouvriere's National Conference

    International Dialogue:

    EZLN: Who are They and Where Do They Come From?
    by Patricia Fuentes

    United States year 2045:
    Imperialist Country ... of Color?
    Special Report by John Garrison

    Draft Theses on the Revolutionary United Front
    (for an open, public discussion)
    by Simon Morales


    We condemn the Repression of Leftists Students and Activists in

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