Unions vs. workers struggles

Robert Perrone perrone1 at igc.apc.org
Wed Apr 10 07:28:41 MDT 1996


Finally, Adolpho and I agree on something. I'm almost tempted to make
an appointment with a doctor.


> I would say that unions are not organs of the struggle for power of the
> proletariat.  Unions are organs for the "bourgeois" politics of the working
> class.  Moreover, most existing unions in advanced capitalist countries are
> "bosses" unions, unions of the corporatist type.
> For the revolution it is necessary to find and develop new types of fighting
> organisations for the workers (inside and outside the unions), but political
> work by communists, even inside the fascist unions and organisations should
> not be neglected at all.  "Smash the unions" policy, without anything to
> replace even this means of the workers to come together in defense of their
> "immediate interests" - and bearing in mind that even the betrayals of the
> leaders of such unions are lessons worthy of being drawn politically before
> the working masses - is irresponsible and does not tally with Marxism.
> I will recommend comrades who think in this way, to read the Report of
> Georgi Dimitrov to the VII Congress of the Communist International -
> endorsed and recommended study to PCP memebres and cadres by Chairman Mao in
> China, and also by Chairman Gonzalo in Peru - specially on the question of
> Trade Union work and communist work within the fascist organisations.
> Adolfo Olaechea
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