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Wed Apr 10 16:59:16 MDT 1996

When I wrote:

> What is your point? Your intent? Is it just coz Adolfo peed on your
> shoes? Or are you trying to extrapolate some "universal" series of
> organizational principles from this particular application of Mao? I'm
> serious, if you could explain the root of your hostility to the civil war in
> Peru, I'd be appreciative because I still haven't heard a cogent
> counterargument.

... the reply from Bradley Mayer was exactly the sort of post I was
referring to. It seems to be answering some internal anguished argument --
and thus we are treated to a very sad tale about the San Francisco Bay Area
in the 1960s that I'm sure Oliver Stone holds the screenplay rights to.

The question remains open:

What is the coherent argument against a totally impoverished people being
destroyed in steady increments by western capital using whatever adaptations
of "Marxist" thought they find fits their situation to at least let their
voices be heard before history snuffs them out?

Are people dismissing the oppressed in Peru's civil war with a flip of the
hand: "Bye! Bye! Tough shit! You like Mao! Deviationist scum! Now die!" Is
that the extent of it?


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