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Wed Apr 10 17:59:18 MDT 1996

>On 10 Apr 1996, SCOTT R MCLEMEE wrote:
>>                I'm really glad not  to have unsubbed from Marxism 1.  Where
>>           else could I  have learned that gays are overwhelmingly bourgeois
>>           and petit-bourgeois,  and  so  no  concern  to  good  proletarian
>>           revolutionaries of the sort who instruct us here?
>>                Of  course,  that  means  it  is  kind  of puzzling why  the
>>           Bolsheviks  abolished  laws  against homosexuality.   Unless,  of
>>           course, the Bolsheviks were petit bourgeois . . . .  I guess that
>>           means it was  a good thing Stalin came along to wipe them out  --
>>           and to recriminalize the perverts, for good measure.
>>                The superficial resemblance between such policies and  those
>>           of the extreme right wing is, no doubt, purely coincidental.
>>           Scott McLemee    mclemee at mail.loc.gov
>Why don't you a perform a class analysis of the composition of gays in
>the population in any industrial country and then present the results?
>That would be much more fruitful than just rhetoric. Your insinuation
>in the last paragraph is fraudulent and hypocritical. For this is the
>same Scott McLemme (if I am not mistaken) who in some articles in the
>magazine "In These Times" criticized and questioned the honesty of
>the African-American political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal on death row
>(scheduled to be executed last August but granted a stay due
>to huge protests) and his supporters. This was at the very time when
>politicians, police and right-wing groups were calling for Mumia's blood.
>McLemmee posing as a "neutral" observer actually sided with reaction
>in that instance. Yet he has the effrontry to write what he did above.


I would assume that in all classes of society there are people who have in
similar proportions all sort of personal inclinations.  However, self
obssession and all sort of navel contemplating ego trips are certainly
overwhelmingly bougeois and decadent.

And judging for the "gay liberators" in this list, not only bourgeois, but
extremely reactionary, anti-communist and pro-imperialists.  I have already
said that to be a comunists one must fulfill certain conditions, including
ideological and practical ones.  All the "gay liberators" in this list flunk
on every one of those conditions, not because of any particular sexual
inclination on their part.

Reactionaries are reactionaries!

Adolfo Olaechea

And BINGO!  McLemee - whether "gay" or not, is nothing but a big reactionary
mouthpiece of the imperialist bourgeoisie.

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