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Thu Apr 11 04:25:37 MDT 1996

I am not "liberal". I am not intelligentsia.
I don't "uncritically support" feminism and gay liberation.
I am not gay.

But as well as I as a male worker can't be free without my female
workmates fight with me and win the same freedom. Just as well
do I know that heteros can't be free without homos - and vice versa.

Siddharth divides the question in two:
1. Fight against right wing attacks on gays etc., which he of course
supports. We agree here.
2. "Advocacy of homosexuality", which is the job of gays.

What I think is, that it's the job of all socialists to fight for everyone's
right to sexual freedom.

If Siddharth would recognize this, he would avoid all the traps that he
falls into: Comparing who is most oppressed (instead of telling how
they could fight together). Even comparing groups of a different nature:
Gays and "original people of Australia (as if there weren't gays among

And finally about reactionary gays:
We fight them the same way we fight reactionary straights. Not
holding one sexual "inclination" against the other.

And for the "class analysis":
Percentage of homo- or heterosexuality is very little class-dependent


Jorn Andersen

>This subject has stirred up a hornets nest among the "liberal" intellegentsia
>who now-a-days find it quite fashionable to uncritically support various
>kinds of movements like bourgeois "feminism", gay liberation, etc.
First is the physical and political attack on gays and lesbians
by the right-wing which has to be resisted unconditionally by
all freedom-loving people. There can be no question or hesitation about this.
The second issue is the advocacy of homosexuality and lesbianism.
It is upto gay people to do this
As regards Mr. Maclennan <cut> it should have been apparent
to me that that there was something personal involved.
how would Mr. Maclennan compare his own oppression to that
of the original people of Australia today?
What about gay reactionaries?
What percentage of working people worldwide are gay?
These are some of the questions that could be fruitfully addressed by
the gay liberators, instead one just hears accusatory adjectives, high-
posing and pompous morality, and inflationary rhetoric.

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