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Wed Apr 10 22:56:10 MDT 1996


		Mr, Protect,

	You wrote:

"(The)implication is that consumer demand,
whether in a capitalist state or a socialist state, for automobiles and
beef may be have to be LIMITED for the greater good. The goal of
socialism is not to turn out beef and sedans at a faster pace than
capitalism. It is to enable humanity to live free and fulfilled lives."

	Then you get to the simple question of limited how and by whom.
Second, the goal of socialism is certainly to produce more, at least until
everyone has enough.  We are not there yet.

	People can make legitimate arguments that beef is ultimately less
desirable than other foods, because of the large toll it takes on the
environment.  Certainly the battle between grazing and preservationism has
already begun.  However, these conflicts relate to policy choices that are
common to and valid under both socialism and capitalism.  Your
presentation to date has not supported the conclusion that an anti-beef
stance has any dialectical relevance.


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