Rahul Mahajan rahul at peaches.ph.utexas.edu
Wed Apr 10 23:20:43 MDT 1996


>        Then you get to the simple question of limited how and by whom.
>Second, the goal of socialism is certainly to produce more, at least until
>everyone has enough.  We are not there yet.

Bullshit. The first world easily produces enough. It may in fact have to
produce less under any sensible eco-socialist order. Its rate of production
is already so high that it has to monopolize the resources of the entire
planet. What happens when the rest of the world wants this standard of
living? Will more reserves of oil be discovered on Mars? In this day, if
you are a pro-growth-in-the-first-world socialist, you might as well be
waving banners for Clinton.

The change in the first world will be in quality of life, not standard of


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