feminism, not!

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Thu Apr 11 00:07:41 MDT 1996

>Malecki says stuff like this:
>"Another trend which appears to be out here in cyber space is
>feminism ( ie  those who place the war between men and women before
>class struggle)..."
>Last time: that is not a useful or correct definition of "feminism".
>It is misleading, offensive and demonizing.  If you want unity with
>all workers [even women?], you should cut it out.  If you want to
>talk about "war between men and women", make up your own word for it.
>"Feminism" is already taken, and that is _not_ it's definition.

Lisa not only determins what feminisn is, but who lives and who dies on
marxist lists. Lisa your *actions* since my arriving on the list prove to me
that anything you say is just bullshit and as it appears that you have taken
the name "feminist" above then what we have is feminist bullshit. Not only
do you try and gag people but you are trying to put "feminist" on some
fucking pedistal!

Here i will say it again feminism is a petty bourgeois ideology which draws
the sex line instead of the class line. They are women that put the queen
before the class.
What are you doing in Marxism 1 by the way sluming? Go back to the ivory
tower unless you have something concrete to say other then drawing up rules
of excluding people. I say feminists ideologlly betrays workers and that
includes working class women!


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