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Robert Malecki malecki at
Thu Apr 11 00:07:46 MDT 1996

>>I sent
>>in an article awhile back i think called "Let,s start a meat riot". This was
>>not a fucking joke, but a serious attempt to point out that a lot of people
>>can,t even afford to eat meat and stuff like that.

>One British comrade told me during Easter that one result of BSE is that
>now a lot of people *can* afford to eat beef. Capitalism is wonderful - isn't
>it? Falling demand means that the prices have been lowered so that some
>of the havenot's can now eat beef.
>What if science can show us that money causes cancer, AIDS or whatever
>- do you think the rich would give it up as well? ( I don't :-) )

Is the above some sort of joke?

>>Sort of concrete reality and a guide to action. It disappeared
>>OK but my point to these
>>people is what are we going to do about the millions of people who can,t
>>afford meat, who are unemployed, who beat their kids because of this shit
>>and so on.
>>In fact a document should have been worked out on where communist stand on
>>the meat question as a guide to action.

>Robert, I asked you about this guide to action once before. Your reply was
>(out of my head) that we should use it to show how capitalism is bankrupt.
>That's what some of us are trying to all the time.
>Such a document would be *the paper* of a socialist organization - where
>else would you write it?

Well, i think that the above is a little strange. Naturally one needs a
socialist paper but one allso needs a program of action and propaganda in
the paper. In fact there were many times that the Bolsheviks did not use
there newspaper but when ouit withg the small forces they had and leafletted
the industries on questions. And your claim that many "we show how
capitalism is bankrupt" stuff is not enough. One also needs a program and a
policy to overthrow capitalism and that certainly can be discussed because
there are many people on this list who in fact wind up on the side of the
bourgeoisie time and again. But they claim they are "fighting" capitalism.


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