Boycott Prime Mushrooms!

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Thu Apr 11 00:26:39 MDT 1996

	Forwarding a call for action:

   The AFL-CIO has announced a boycott of PRIME Mushrooms from Quincy Farms
in Gadsden County, Florida (northeast of Tallahassee).  Employees have been
trying since October to get the company to recognize the United Farm Workers
as their union.  The main issue has been workplace accidents among the
mushroom pickers, who must climb damp, slippery, 12-foot-high beds.  The
workers, 99% of whom are African-American or Latino, have been cheated out
of workers' compensation benefits and fired for reporting injuries.  They
receive just 6 cents for an 8-oz. box of mushrooms that sells for $1.89,
while the plant president is paid $237,000 a year and the company CEO
$830,000.  The plant, owned by Sylvan, Inc. (which sells mushroom spawn
worldwide), fired 85 workers on March 14 for marching on their lunch hour,
then had them arrested and their vehicles towed.  Please help these
forgotten workers, who work in rural areas, down country roads, hidden away,
in dangerous conditions, for low wages and no benefits, to put food on our
   - Tell store managers why you won't buy PRIME mushrooms and urge them to
carry another brand.
   - Write to Sylvan CEO Dennis Zensen (828 S. Pike, Sarver, PA 16055) and
urge him to recognize the UFW.
   - Donate funds to the UFW organizing campaign (P.O. Box 59, Greensboro,
FL 32330).

Sharon Bauer, AFSCME Local 3171, Gainesville
North Central Florida Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO <clc at>


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