Attacking the moderators

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Thu Apr 11 00:39:45 MDT 1996

The intensity and sincerity of Gary's remarks below are not in
question. Indeed his viewpoints (and not just on the issue of
sexuality) were one of the reasons why I was glad he served as a
moderator for some time.

But the temptation for even a few people to fight out their
deeply held convictions even partly, by ridiculing or attacking
a person who has volunteered to be moderator, is one of the things
that makes it pretty untenable and unstable to have a system on
a tempestous l'st like this, of just one or two moderators.

I am much happier now not being a moderator, although I still
post just the same way, trying to be soft on  people hard on ideas.

Gary's points here illustrate why I argued back six months
ago that we need a wide panel of moderators for a l'st like
this, deliberately drawn from very different viewpoints.
None of whom could logically be attacked because they were siding with
a point of view they hold sincerely.

This is not so crazy. It actually reflects at its best what happens.
It is not exactly the right time to propose Carlos and Adolfo
simultaneously as members of such a wide panel of moderators,
but the reality is that the degree of restraint that Carlos and
Adolfo have both voluntarily shown more recently, is very valuable
in helping the polemic go forward on issues of substance rather than
on personalities and symbols. They are invisibly, and unconsciously,
part of the wider panel of moderators already.

Chris B, London.

>I side with Siddharth on this issue.  The Peruvian peasants have more
>important things to do right now than worry about gay liberation.  The
>insistence of many intellectuals on this list on this issue is a
>transparent cover for their real objective, which is, to discredit the
>Hans Ehrbar.
>Ehrbar, you have disgraced yourself with this post and exposed the sham of
the role you played in the splitting of  the list.  You came forward not to
advance Marxist theory but to save Maoism.  For your troubles the PCP have
bitten your ass and frightened the shit out of you you miserable  little
grub and that is some comfort.

You phony moderator,  read the intro to this list.  It still talks of queer
theory.  I suppose you intend to change this unilaterally.  If Spoons was
anything other than a liberal shambles they would sack you as liaison and

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