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Thu Apr 11 02:05:39 MDT 1996


	You've been in Texas too long, pard.

	You wrote:

"The remarks you made about Mexico that Marcus Strom jumped on (re NAFTA, I
think). I've deleted the post, but as I recall you stopped just short of
saying Mexicans piss in their beer."

	I said that NAFTA combined the power of the Mexican and American
ruling classes.  The Mexican ruling class has been hammering its
proletariat so hard they haven't got a cerveza to piss in, and now American
workers are sharing their pain.  As I remember, Mr Strom wanted to make some
tedious and hackneyed point about America being so big (as if I didn't know)
and Mexico being all one oppressed people.

	It certainly doesn't need to be pointed out by anyone that Mexicans
are oppressed.  I was simply making the point that a side-effect of
imperialism is to augment the power of bourgeois-democratic ruling classes
with the feudal relations of the third world.  This means that
internationalism can really sting if it first requires world capitalism of
the NAFTA variety.

	...hardly an insult to Mexicans.


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