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Thu Apr 11 02:42:30 MDT 1996


	Quoting me, you wrote:

">Mexico is an entire country run by a Mafia of the ruling class.
>Their exports are drugs, aliens, and cheap labor.

Perot would add Martians, but otherwise it's right on the money.


	Okay, is Mexico run by a crooked ruling class?  Do they tend to
eliminate their political opponents and keep business in families?  Has
the Mexican ruling class been implicated in the drug trade?  Do Mexican
border guards, police and military make a nice living as "coyotes" for
poor Guatemalans and the like?  Has the Mexican ruling class used cheap
wage rates as a selling point to G7 capital?

	Last time I read, the answer to all these questions were "yes."


	Does this reflect on the Mexican proletariat - NO.


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