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>Why don't you a perform a class analysis of the composition of gays in
>the population in any industrial country and then present the results?


    The question was perfectly relevant when you talk about Peru and
    some other countries of Latin America in which gays are an
    important component of indian communities, peasantry, the working
    class and the low and upper middle class and, to some extent, the

    In Peru, of which Ole Leche doesn't talk about in *specific terms*,
    gays of the lower middle classes and the working class are
    extremely oppressed by *bisexual and gay* bourgeois sectors who
    utilize the condition of *poor gays* to maintain a horrific
    exploitation, both sexually and economically.  Please, read "In
    October there are no Miracles" and many other pieces of Peruvian
    literature about the matter.

    Gays are widely respected and in some cases enjoy some priviledges
    in some indian nations in the Southern part of Mexico, as well.


That would be much more fruitful than just rhetoric. Your insinuation
>in the last paragraph is fraudulent and hypocritical. For this is the
>same Scott McLemme (if I am not mistaken) who in some articles in the
>magazine "In These Times" criticized and questioned the honesty of
>the African-American political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal on death row
>(scheduled to be executed last August but granted a stay due
>to huge protests) and his supporters. This was at the very time when
>politicians, police and right-wing groups were calling for Mumia's
>McLemmee posing as a "neutral" observer actually sided with reaction
>in that instance. Yet he has the effrontry to write what he did above.
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