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At 8:08 AM 4/11/96, Robert Malecki wrote:

>>This probably isn't the right place to ask the question, but I wonder what
>>the cost of beef would be were its social and environmental costs fully
>>reflected in its price.
>For some reason i am getting the feeling that the tone of this debate
>including the above is sort like people who have experienced everything and
>are now deciding for the masses under the cover of "marxist" (?) debate what
>is good for them and what is not.

A lot of bourgeois economics is crap, but the concept of externalities -
effects on third parties not reflected in market prices - is a useful one
(and one, properly considered, that's very damaging to bourgeois
economics). If some people raise and eat beef and cause immense damage to
non-raisers and non-eaters, the question is entirely relevant.



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