Food lines!

Robert Malecki malecki at
Thu Apr 11 10:36:21 MDT 1996

Once again their are food lines in Scandinavia for impoverished unemployed
workers. In Finland once again we see long lines of workers who are forced
to beg for food! The food is in the form bread, macaronis and othere basic
neccessities which come from the European storage houses of over production.
It is not by chance that food lines have appeared in Finland first. Its
special position in regards to the Soviet Union, made its position
especially difficult. The Finnish bourgeoisie and reformist parties which
had a historic compromise with the Stalinist bureaucracy since the war and
were forced into economic dependence in business with the soviet union is
now reorientating itself after the collapse. Because when the Soviet Union
collapsed so did good parts of the Finnish economy.

The social welfare system which was built up in Finland by the social
democrats is now being torn town very quickly. An the pro-west and pro Nato
stance is cristal clear for anyone to see. However it is the working class
which is paying the price for this reorientation. The responsibility for
this must be squarely layed on the reformist and stalin partys in Finland
once again it will be the workers who pay because the crisis of leadership
in the workers movement has not been solved.

Here in Sweden the Social Democracy has refused (!) this help from Europe on
principle. Saying that that this kind of stuff they are against in
principle. However, those who are in contact with the people and workers who
are being hit by all the cuts say that if we had that food we would have
lines here in Sweden to! What a synical position the social democrats here
in Sweden have. Workers starve, are homeless, committing suicide, and
becoming acoholics should starve because the "prestige" of social democracy
might suffer if pictures went out over the world of the former so much
talked about "welfare state" had food lines.

Here on this list i read letters of people talking about "eco socialism",
letters from england who defend Taiwan against China for being more
democratic, letters from state capitalists who want to smash the unions,
letters from maoists who thought stalin was a god, letters from insulted
feminists who in practice will gag people, and of course letters from people
whom i think are serious about making a communist revolution by the working

Well, i guess the point is that once again the working class as always is
getting the shitty end of the stick. Workers are heading for another world
wide disaster and it appears that the resolving of the crisis of leadership
is far off. The left is in a shambles of reformism or outright class
betrayal. It is really going to be interesting to see what the price will be
this time...


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