Alexander Cockburn on beef

Thu Apr 11 12:57:22 MDT 1996

     Let me see, did I get this right?  "Humans are essentially
vegetarian."  Since when?  For how many millions of years was
the ecological niche of our ancestors that of "hunter-gatherers"?
And were our ancestors refraining from eating the meat of what
they hunted?  I believe it was only 10,000 years ago that planting
crops began, and that coincided with the domestication of most
current farm animals, except for the dog which was domesticated
in Britain for, what else?, hunting.  Hmmm.  (Where is Lisa
Rogers when we need her?)
     None of this obviates the arguments against grain-fed
animal raising with which I agree.  Nor does it obviate spiritual,
moral, health, or even ecological arguments for vegetarianism,
although with respect to the latter, there are places where one
can graze an animal where one cannot raise a crop.
Barkley Rosser

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