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Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Thu Apr 11 12:17:27 MDT 1996

At 11:53 PM 4/10/96, Rahul Mahajan wrote:

>Doug, I wasn't just busting your chops. This is a serious question.

I didn't take it as chop-busting, and I brought it up as a serious issue a
Marxism list should be discussing. Much of the PCP discussion has been
carried out on the level of caricature - by both sides, myself included. I
was shocked to see the custodian of the Marx archives, of all people,
denouncing theoretical reflection as a hindrance to action; if Marxism is
about anything, it's about the joining of theory and history to political

>The one big advantage a socialist revolution in the US has is that the US
>can't invade to shut it down.

No kidding. Which is why I say sometimes that the biggest favor that US
radicals could do for the outside world is transforming Imperium Central.



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