Genital Dimensions

Louis R. Godena godenas at
Thu Apr 11 12:47:24 MDT 1996

Comrades, do my eyes deceive me?  Did someone for whom I have a great deal
of respect, now removed to the colder environs of the Empire State, actually
refer to same-sex sex as a "bourgeois deviation"?   Or are we mixing our
metaphors (Comrade Bob, the Love That Dare Not Show His Face)?

Comrade, you are really too prescient a revolutionary to unthinkingly retail
Aviakian-style nit-witticisms.  Same-sex sex has been enjoyed by billions of
people since the beginnings of organizaed society; it is no more of a
"deviation" than other-sex sex.

You have posted some of the best works to the list.  Please pull your head
out of your ass.

                                             Louis Godena

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