FOR Donny Osmond! AGAINST Stalinist terror!

Matt D. afn02065 at
Thu Apr 11 15:01:29 MDT 1996

Louis Godenas says in re: Ron Brown:

>Is our government in such an advanced stage of decay that it must initiate
>and promote this kind of circus?  A man who was about to be indicted for
>bribery and extortion, someone who had as much to do with improving the lot
>of American workers as karaoke and Donny Osmond, a betrayer of the poor,
>feted with all the pompous hypocrisy and fake tributes officaldom could

Hey!  When I was younger I seriously dug Donny and Marie!  Let's not tarnish
the Osmond name...  or is this another of your dastardly purge tactics, you
nasty Stalinist you?

Further, you Maoist bully, while I have never sung karaoke, I certainly do my
share of singing along w/ music I play on my own stereo.  While my neighbors
probably don't think this improves their lot, they're petty bourgeois scum
anyway.  Obviously, you're just trying to trick the workers!

I've had enough of your Hoxaist terror tactics, you dirty dog!

-- Matt "I'm a little bit country ... dah doo de dah ... etc." D.

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