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Thu Apr 11 17:23:04 MDT 1996

Doug writes:

>I didn't take it as chop-busting, and I brought it up as a serious issue a
>Marxism list should be discussing. Much of the PCP discussion has been
>carried out on the level of caricature - by both sides, myself included. I
>was shocked to see the custodian of the Marx archives, of all people,
>denouncing theoretical reflection as a hindrance to action

Heh heh. Now, Doug, you know I wasn't "denoucing" theoretical reflection,
you journalist you. That would be an incorrect application of the word
"denounce." There has to be a dialectical interaction between thought and
action if each is to stay fresh. I think we both agree "Western Marxism" is
currently top heavy, unbalanced. In the case of some "schools," it is
completely disembodied. (I know I don't have to extrapolate this because it
is something you have often commented on yourself in different discussions.)

I love the mental work I do everyday -- likewise I love the very long,
aerobic bike rides along the lake. The latter is almost always a stimulant
for the former.


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