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    The PCP crowd, like so many ultra-left opportunist Marxist groups over
the last century, fucks up Marxism, and (not so incidentally) fucks up the
language in which Marxists can talk to each other. "Decadent" (despite some
decent use by Caudwell and others) probably does not belong in the Marxist
vocabulary. "imperialist bourgeois" does--and if it has been ruined by the
likes of the PCP, it must either be refurbished or a new coinage created.

    Incidentally, jargon has both its uses and abuses. Its use lies in the
necessity, in any mass political movement, of a shared vocabulary: shared
between and among leaders, intellectuals, and mass membership. One "advantage
"advantage" intellectuals have over non-intellectuals is the capacity to
endlessly vary their vocabulary. To require them to stick to an established
vocabulary (a jargon) to some extent evens the playing field between
general populace and intellectuals.
        Carrol Cox
> After hitting the "delete" key for so many weeks, I decided to take a
> quick look at this thread.  My, my, my... I see things are getting even
> lower than I had dreamed.
> It is really nice seeing people throwing epithets around -- "imperialist
> bourgeois" and "decadent gays" and the like.
> All I can say is, this decadent bourgeois libertarian knows one thing:
> socialist regimes are on a par with fundamentalist regimes in
> their disdain and oppression of gays and lesbians.  On this, they can
> join hands with the religious right, except that the religious right in
> the United States has yet to exercise the degree of statist repression
> exhibited by their socialist counterparts in Cuba, China, and the like.
> Clean up your own houses before hurling accusations at your "class" enemies.
>                     - Chris
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