A class analysis

boddhisatva kbevans at panix.com
Thu Apr 11 22:02:01 MDT 1996

		Mr. Protract,

	Some of the people on this list are unerringly self-important and
take rather an inflated view of the relevance and analytic rigor of their

	My point was that the underdeveloped proletariat is plundering those
natural resources they have under their control.  My point is that they live
in a feudal order within the larger capitalist structure and that that is
their problem.  My point is that it is all very well to assume that anyone
who sells anything is either petit bourgeois or owned by some larger
capitalist interest, except when it doesn't hold up.  My point is that the
idea that the third world proletariat are poor because the bourgeoisie takes
their natural resources is wrong.



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