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>pigs in peru
>In an IPS news article, More Than Food Needed For the Hungry,
>Zoraida Portillo reported from Lima on March 28 that "the National
>Food Assistance Program (PRONAA) was shocked to discover recently
>that food aid intended for poor families in the Andean highlands was
>being fed to pigs.
>"The recipients of the aid had a simple explanation: they would
>rather use the food to fatten their animals, and so fetch a good
>market price, than to feed their children.
>"'Nobody guarantees that our children will survive to grow up
>and it will also take a long time for them to be able to work and
>help us, but we can sell a good-looking animal quickly,' a
>peasant father observed...
>''It's a rational economic decision: it's more economical for
>them to feed an animal than a child, because the child doesn't
>bring in income but, on the contrary, takes it,'' opined PRONAA
>president Rodolfo Munante,commenting on the those who fed their
>animals on food donations."

Seems to me like a damn good arguement for revolution, not charity !

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