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>>The leadership in China now says "to get rich is glorious" because that is
>>what those leaders have been saying since the 70s.  Mao called them
>>"capitalist roaders" and led theChinese people to defeat them thru the
>>upheaval of the cultural revolution and the struggle in the mid 70s against
>>the "right deviationist wind."
>This isn't really an explanation. Did the Chinese revolution depend
>entirely on Mao, and once he was gone, the capitalist roaders took power?
>Is that a serious social analysis in the Marxian tradition? What happened
>in Chinese society that led to this reversal? Is it just a matter of a
>handful of gerontocrats turning their back on Mao Zedong thought?
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A kind of traversty and glorification of the gang of four and the cultural
revolution which in the end was nothing more then an interbureacratic
struggle in which masses were mobilised and got out of hand. It took Deng
to reign them in nand get back on course.
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