Mariategui on Feminism (vs. Malecki"s view)

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Fri Apr 12 07:39:32 MDT 1996

>In a message dated 96-04-11Robert Malecki wrote:
>>Here i will say it again feminism is a petty bourgeois ideology
>>which draws the sex line instead of the class line. They are
>>women that put the queen before the class.
>> I say feminists ideologlly betrays workers and that
>>includes working class women!
>Jose Carlos Mariategui writes:
>"No one should be surprised that women do not join in a single feminist
>movement.  Feminism necessarily has various colors, diverse tendencies.
>It is possible to distinguish in feminism three fundamental tendencies,
>three main colors: bourgeois feminism, petty-bourgeois feminism, and
>proletarian feminism.  Each of these feminisms formulate their demands
>in different ways.
>"The feminism of a bourgeois woman reflects the interests of the dominant
>classes.  The proletarian woman relates her feminism to the faith of the
>revolutionary masses in a future society.  The historic fact of class
>is not a mere theoretical speculation.  It is reflected clearly in the
>"Women, just as men, are reactionary, centrists, or revolutionaries.  They
>cannot, therefore, unite to fight the same battles.  In today's world, the
>class condition differentiates the individual more than gender."
>         ---From "Las Reivindicaciones Feministas"


This is one of the first things that you have produced here where we appear
to agree. To bad you people do not have same line as the above on the whole
class struggle. But are prepared to build popular fronts with anybody
subordinating the struggle of workers to class traitors..

PS: Another thing is the fight going on here at present on the sex line.
Communists are for both sexual education as well as sexual liberation. That
in real terms means that communists do not take a position on what
consenting adults do in there sex lifes. However communists do say that  the
sex line is subordinated to the whole struggle of the working class against
its enemies. That does not mean people should not get laid or whatever. But
it does mean that gays straights or anybody else should subordinate their
personal sexual preferences to the class struggle.


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