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Fri Apr 12 08:30:52 MDT 1996

 >>  And clearly most people on this list are not interested in these kinds of
polemics. I believe there are many issues that need to be explored. Issues of
understanding the world in which we are forced to live, ie. globalisation,
neo-liberalism,caultural conservatism, retraction of measures of social
protection, privtisation and the oppossition in working class consciousness
and action to the new capitalist order. << Ken Howard

 Jon Flanders:

  As mainly a reader of this list, I agree with the above, Ken. But could I
humbly ask of you and Adolpho and others to please minimize the requoting from
the post you are responding to? It takes a good bit of time to read this list
as it is. If you have to requote, do it after your response. My page down key
is going to wear out soon.


  E-mail from: Jonathan E. Flanders, 12-Apr-1996

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