Sex: What do communists stand for?

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Fri Apr 12 09:48:53 MDT 1996


Just a few simple questions.

1. As a communist do we fight for sexual education and liberation? Keeping
in mind that sexual preference is subordinated to the class struggle as a whole.

2. What is your opinion of the FNL who supplied both drugs and sexual
services to the Americam military. The reasons were, keep them high and
fucking instead of fighting, while at the same time collecting information
vital to the struggle against the imperialist enemy.

I mean one has to see this question in its porportion. i really do not think
that the bolshevik party was all that "puritan" as your arguement appears to
be. In fact there appears to be a tendency to put this question above the
class struggle on both sides.

You Aldolfo appear to say one has to have some sort of "correct" sexual
behavior to be a communist. The other side appears to be saying that i can
do anything i want anytime. Both are wrong.

Communists on the one hand put their personal private lives in relation to
the class struggle, while at the same time fighting for sex liberation and
education.Communists oppose backwardness in large parts of the proletariat
of values which the class carries  with them from medival and capitalist
society, and also Stalinist society which was to inslave them. This includes
the bougeois family and sex values which belong to the church and medevil

On the other side we appear to have those who put sex above the class
struggle. This is also a mistake. Because there can not be sexual liberation
without a proletarian revolution. The opposite side of the coin is Fascism
and if i remember correctly most of the people who had sexual preferences
other then the norm (except for homosexual, bisexual and Lesbian SS people)
were sent to the gas chambers...

I think that much of the confusion around this question can be cleared up
with a statement of intent. Without clearly saying that communists fight for
liberation in all aspects of life including the sexual we open our selves to
a complete capitulation to bougeois morals whether they be capitalist,
medival, or facist.

If you can say that Aldolfo, then obviouly your communist credentials are false.


Not sexism, not feminism, but proletarian revolution under communist
leadership can break the chains of sex oppression.

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