Reply to Rahul Mahajan's comment on intellectuals & populace.

Thomas Dupree tedupree at
Fri Apr 12 15:29:47 MDT 1996

   Very interesting and troubling topic--if workers need intellectuals to
bring them theory and political knowledge, how is self-emancipation
possible for workers?  I was recently reading Alvin Gouldner's book The
Future of Intellectuals and the New Class; it has focussed this
question for me, but provided no answers beyond G.'s closing observation
that although radical intellectuals do constitute a class of their own,
with their own interests, whether they admit it or not, on the whole
they (we) are a progressive force anyway, provided we're modest &
self-critical enough.
       Is anybody else interested in this topic, or in Gouldner's book?
Has the list carried this sort of discussion in the past? (I'm brand new
to the list , and to the e-mail biz.)
                                              red regards to all,
                                                        Ed Dupree

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