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At 7:28 PM 4/12/96, Siddharth Chatterjee wrote:

>It depends which type of "workers" you mention above. Maybe some labor
>aristocrat first-world highly paid workers would laugh as you say. But
>what about the millions of other workers on the planet - workers who live
>on the edge, and yet sacrifice their "desires" and "gratifications" in
>order to support family members and others who depend upon their income.


I assume most of us are here because in one way or another we admire Marx.
Marx held that bourgeois society represented genuine progress in human
history, despite the brutalities and distortions on which it rested. The
luxuries of reflection and criticism shouldn't be a privilege, but in an
ideal society would be the province of all. Isn't the sacrifice of
"desires" and "gratifications" (and why the quotes?) part of the reason
we're Marxists? Why should we accept as a model that which we hope
eventually to transcend?



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