A class analysis

boddhisatva kbevans at panix.com
Fri Apr 12 22:11:35 MDT 1996

		Mr. Proyect,

	By underdeveloped proletariat, I meant the working man of the
underdeveloped world.  Nobody owns the Amazon, and that is being plundered
by working people.  Nobody owns the tropical coral reefs that working
people flood with cyanide to take fish for export.  Nobody owns the the
forests that proletariats are decimating for firewood, grazing, and
short-term agriculture.

	Your point of differentiating these people as peasants is well
taken.  The problem is that they are peasants instead of a proletariat.
Agribusiness is simply doing what the peasants would do if they had the
chance.  They are selling their wares for the most money.  I stipulate
that the agribusiness owners must be dispossessed, I'm a Marxist, not a
reformist. But then having those peasants produce staples is not the
answer.  Are they going to produce corn when world corn prices have to be
propped up by capitalist governments whose consumes can afford higher food
prices?  I don't think so.

	You said it yourself, they need wages.  They need wages to buy
the fruit of the *world's* vines.  Look at what Chomsky noted about
Mexican corn producers.  They can't compete with subsidized capitalist
agriculture.  Why try?  Let the capitalists throw money at the petit
bourgeoisie.  I say grow whatever gets the best price.  Agriculture is
not the issue.  Industrial production is the issue.  You don't get fresh
flowers on full Mexican tables by calling for limits on industrial
production for the sake of a green world.  A green world has to be the
*product* of a world economy.



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