Robert Malecki malecki at
Fri Apr 12 23:55:45 MDT 1996

>    Re Karl's long posting on the tasks of intellectual Marxists (April
>    I simply cannot focus on a message in which the writer refuses to
>use the return (enter) key before reaching the far right of the screen,
>thus producing an alternation of long lines finished by a short line,
>then another long line. Nothing short of a brand new sure-fire cure for
>the Clap would justify the labor of construing such texts.
>    The writer that has not the courtesy to make his postings
>readable probably doesn't have much to say anyhow.
>    Carrol


Yuu are such a fucking whiner! Workers shared newspapers and articles,
sometimes they would be hardly readable after passing through so many hands.
And you , you twit, sit their and whine about your computer. I am getting
pretty tired of people who expect to be served on hand in foot. It certainly
is not how the article looks but whats in it that counts. Naturally won
should try and present pieces here that are readable and correct. But you
whing is much more then that i,m afraid..

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