Ken,s letter, Louis and me...

Robert Malecki malecki at
Sat Apr 13 10:26:53 MDT 1996

Dear Ken,

At First i thought that i should  write this to you outside of the list,
however halfway through i changed my mind. It is to important of and issue
to discuss privately.
Look, don,t tell me about naive or stupidity. We all were naive and stupid.
Thats why we got tricked into being sent their in the first place. We were
products of the McCarthy era, patriotism, and all the rest. We were pieces
of meat for the capitalist politicians of America.

I joined up to in New York City. Although my reasons were different then yours.
And it is certainly not neccessary for me to go into any horror stories
about surviving in a war zone. And i wasn,t calling your buddie "naive" for
his actions in Vietnam. In fact i am one of the few people who defend
Vietnam Vets, especially working class kids and the poor like me that were
tricked into being sent off to Cuba or Vietnam. Because i was in the same
fucking boat.

The point here on this list is the utter ignorance of people to conditions
for poor and working class people. That is why i took up this question in
relation to hookers and drug dealers in Vietnam. Just as people who the
bourgeoisie would consider "criminals" have played a heroic role in wars and
revolutions, this includes these categories. I am so sick and tired of the
pedistal, and moral debate going on here. Many of my childhood friends died
in Vietnam, on drugs, in jail, or in some other viscious way. This because
they were poor street kids and have never been given a chance in society.
They are the dregs, the downtrodden, the victims of this society. I am on
their side.

I really am sorry that you are taking this so personal. But i have no tears
for you. My tears are for the people rotting in prison or in the ghettoes,
or in the trenches,
so that the rich can turn a buck. My tears are for guys who still can,t come
home because they came out through Cambodia when Kissinger said "there were
no Americans in Cambodia". My tears are also for the guys on the "Vietnam"
newsgroups who appear to have learned nothing. And in fact, we are the more
fortunate who became political and are tring to change things.

I have a great deal of respect for people like you and Louis because of your
experience. But that does not mean we should put on kid gloves with each
other. Yes, i feel pain to, and horror and fear and all the fucking rest. In
fact i am probably going to say a lot of stupid things also. But so far i
think that what i have been saying here  makes a lot more sense then what
other people are saying.

So do not take it personally. It is not meant personally. Much of my
political ideas come from a combination of reading and testing this stuff in
relation to my own experiences. How else can people like myself relate to
the world and politics.

Futher on in your letter you go on to explain some of the experiences that
you went through on the ground. OK! Well i not only went through some of
that myself, but when i returned and became politically active the American
government tried to put me in jail for ever. They walked into my house and
put guns to my kids heads, when looking for me. Above that i have been
forced to live in exile nearly 25 years. So no fucking sob stories i have my
own, unless we use these stories as political ammunition directed at the
real enemy.

We have all been lied to and betrayed by our so called "leaders". The point
is now that we realise this to find away to smash them for what they
represent. Louis did not save my ass, in fact it was some smart street kids
and hookers who were supporting the Cuban revolution who did that!

I also served  4 years and had just re-enlisted for 6 more.

And no it is not hands off your friend Ken. It is exactly the opposite. I
want to find people who i can grab hold of and know that they will watch my
back when the shit starts hitting the fan. It is only through discussions
like this and experience that we are going to find those people.

Perhaps i sound hard, even uncouth. Well, sorry but my background never gave
me anything else to work with. However i am trying my best to fight the real
enemy with what i got. I am hoping to find others that want to go along for
the ride, but also those who will carry on after i and you disappear.

I will never forget, nor will i never forgive them for what they did to my
childhood friends and my family. I apoligise if i stepped on your toes. But
i will probably do it again and again and again. I owe it to my friends and
my family and my children...

Warm Regards

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