He*lp please: Negation of the Negation

Chris, London 100423.2040 at compuserve.com
Sat Apr 13 01:50:59 MDT 1996

I have a deadline to report back to our small London-based
Forum for Marxism, Science and Philosophy.

We had a presentation at our last meeting from one of our members who
had attended a series of meetings on Engels.

She summarised the lecturer, Munroe, as defining three priniciples of
which Engels took from Hegel:

1) the transformation of quantity into quality

2) the interpenetration of opposites

3) the negation of the negation.

After discussion, we agreed with the lecturer,s opinion that the first two
principles are not incompatible with modern science. Our discussion
included atomic, and molecular, chemical processes.

*We had difficulty with the negation of the negation.*

I would be grateful for rapid, pithy he*lp on

a) whether people agree that these are the three key principles of
dialectics taken by Engels from Hegel

b) How to understand the principle of the negation of the negation at its
best - it is just part of an onward and upward mono-linear view of history?


Chris B, London.

PS I have both to Anti-Duhring, and Dialectics of Nature but in
different editions. References to chapter and subsection rather than
page, would be appreciated if citations are offered. Many thanks.

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