boddhisatva on capital

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Sun Apr 14 01:42:01 MDT 1996

		Comrade Gina,

	I didn't say "where" capitalists got the money to build the factories
for further expropriation, because it's obvious.  The point is, absent that
original expropriation, where will *socialists* get the money.

	I know that capitalism only provides money for a tiny percentage of
innovators, the question is where will socialists get the money to finance a
larger number of innovators - especially third world socialists?

	I know that socialists don't want to be victims of the modern
economy, but they will have to figure out how to sell things to people who
are in the modern economy.  You have  to make things like TV sets.  The
proletariat wants them, and that's that.

	Capitalists may compel workers to labor by oppressive means, but, for
the most part, it is not at gun-point.  If you are considering an economy
where TV sets are made at gun-point, you need to give the matter more thought.
I am interested, if possible in trying to develop a logic whereby third world
nations can follow something which approximates the pacific rim model, but
does not require massive capitalist speculation.

	peace		boddhisatva

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