the truth about Louis Proyect

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sun Apr 14 02:34:19 MDT 1996

I absolutely hate to disagree with Sally and Ken and Lou himself, but all
that stuff about Vietnam and the ranch bit is the greatest load of old
nonsense.  Sure didn't meself know Lous Proyect back in Belfast all through
the Vietnam period.  He had opened a vegetarian restaurant near the
university.  Didn't I talk to him when he first arrived from the states and
didn't he tell me all about his grand plans for Ireland. He was going to
teach the Irish to eat vegetables, mainly potatoes.

I pointed out to him that the Irish were really fed up with eating spuds and
never wanted to eat them in the first place but the British made them.  And
for good value I told Louis that the Irish were very partial to a wee bit of

Now that made Louis very mad.  He called me a carnivore and showed me the
door.  Well to make a long story short  he wouldn't listen and his
restaurnat went bust.

I last saw him throwing out the uneaten potatoes.  I asked him what was he
going to do next and had he given up on the idea of making the Irish

He gave a very sinister laugh and said that the dialectic had revealed to
him that there would one day be a way to make the Irish see that eating meat
was a bigger British plot than eating potatoes.  And what is more he added
by the time he had done with the Irish people they would be very nervous
about every bit of meat they have ever eaten. He advised me to invest in
potato futures or to buy shares in the vegetarian business, but sure I paid
himself no heed at all.  And now, every time I see the word beef, am not I
often after saying to meself that I should have listened to  the only
vegetarian of the Western World.



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