MAL: Re: Sex: What do communists stand for?

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Sun Apr 14 11:35:56 MDT 1996

>How cretinous (and, as US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia pointed out
>- proudly! - the other day, cretin comes from the French word for
>Christian; Scalia's point was that religious people who believe in miracles
>[like him] must be willing to take the barbs of secular intellectuals, and
>be a fool for Christ; here we have fools for Stalin). Imperialism? Fascism?
>Who said anything about no regard about the other person involved in a
>fuck? Last time I checked, lots of people enjoyed fucking, in twos, threes,
>and more - lots of them women even! Sometimes even women fucking other
>women and with both (or more) of them enjoying it. How much your average
>Stalinist seems to have in common with your average Bible-thumper!

Yeah, I've always like the sex-is-sacred thinking, you know angels hovering
over every sex act and all. Sure it's sacred if you make it so. But why all
the worldy rules? What about reproduction, happiness, tension release,
exercize, intimacy, fun, sleep inducer, boredom relief, etc.? Not only do
Stalinists and Scalia have all the sex appeal of a leaf; they have no sense
of humor. Long live the revolution.


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