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At 11:36 AM 4/14/96 -0400, you wrote:
>How cretinous (and, as US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia pointed out
>- proudly! - the other day, cretin comes from the French word for
>Christian; Scalia's point was that religious people who believe in miracles
>[like him] must be willing to take the barbs of secular intellectuals, and
>be a fool for Christ; here we have fools for Stalin). Imperialism? Fascism?
>Who said anything about no regard about the other person involved in a
>fuck? Last time I checked, lots of people enjoyed fucking, in twos, threes,
>and more - lots of them women even! Sometimes even women fucking other
>women and with both (or more) of them enjoying it. How much your average
>Stalinist seems to have in common with your average Bible-thumper!
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Not this particular Stalinist or close-to-it. I am in disagreement with
Adolfo and Gina on this issue. I think that there is nothing inherently
exploitative about sex, and nothing wrong with enjoying sex. I greatly enjoy
sex and understand not why I as a woman would be expected not to enjoy it.
It's fun and loving and a whole lot of other wonderful things. I have always
felt respected by men with whom I have engaged in sexual relations. This
being nothing against gays and lesbians, I simply happen to be heterosexual.
There is nothing wrong with liking and desiring sex with whomever one
pleases, or more than one whomever. There is nothing anti-revolutionary,
imperialist, or fascist about pleasure and desire. I have great respect for
both Adolfo and Gina, but on this issue I must disagree. Comradely, charlotte
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