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"Peruvian" knifing in Stockholm - who's behind it? 1/2 [Sent: 15.04.96]

Last Monday, 8.4, one person of Peruvian origin was murderously
attacked and stabbed with a knife by another in the Stockholm subway,
here in Sweden. The victim was brought to hospital for intensive care. His
wounds were said to be serious though not life-threatening. The perpetrator
has been arrested for attempted murder. By the newspapers, which so far have
been my only source of information about this serious incident, the motive
was stated to have been "possibly" or "certainly" political.

Although the facts of this matter are by no means clear, in my opinion
there are good reasons to suspect that this murder attempt was a
desperate provocation stage-managed by such forces as the intelligence
service SIN of the reactionary regime in Peru or the CIA
of the USA. This not least because there recently has started a very
important international development in the struggle against the Peruvian
reactionaries and in the struggle against the subverters of
the international Marxist-Leninist movement:

In March of this year a call for a World Mobilisation Commission to support
the People's War in Peru was raised by the Sol-Peru Committee in London, and
this call has already been signed by
several consistent supporters of this People's War and opponents
of the revisionist subversion and capitulationism, in a number of countries.
Those reactionaries who are backing the Fujimori regime
in Peru and who since decades back have made every effort to bring
the adherents of Marx, Lenin and Mao Zedong on to the wrong track
have every reason to fear this new development. There obviously at
present are ample motives for them to perpetrate all kinds of
desperate "countermeasures". The comrades in all countries should
be on guard against this. The facts about the Stockholm murder
attempt must be brought to light as far as possible. It must be demanded
that the person or persons responsible for it be duly punished.

     *Details about the assault, according to the newspapers*

What information (with or without quotes) about this assault has been
given by the bourgeois Swedish media?

The attacked man, according to the 10.4 issue of the morning paper
Dagens Nyheter ("independent liberal"), is 47 years old and "has told
the police that he has strong ties to the Maoist guerilla group Sendero
Luminoso" [meaning, the People's Guerilla Army led by the Communist
Party of Peru, PCP, which since 1980 is waging a people's war
against the reactionary regime in Peru] "but that he now advocates a
peaceful solution to the conflicts in Peru. He says that he does not know
the younger man who stabbed him with a knife in the subway coach. But he has
seen him and thinks that he belongs to an
opposing political faction."

To the evening paper Aftonbladet, ("social-democrat", a rag long
particularly infamous for its particularly persistent
pro-Russian-new-tsarism and also pro-US-imperialism propaganda), the causes
behind the assault are "clearer". In its 9.4 issue, it had a full page
report on it, with a photograph of the stabbed man (his face blotted-out) being
transported away on a stretcher, and the headline: "Guerilla Attack"(!) "in
the Subway". In its report, the Aftonbladet i.a. tells its readers:

"All those involved are immigrants from Peru. They are politically
involved and are sympathizers of the Maoist guerilla Sendero
Luminoso. The perpetrator of the assault belongs to a more hard-line
faction which is against the attempts at negotiating a peace accord,
while the victim and his family sympathizes with that part of the
movement which supports the peace accord."(!!)

Here the Aftonbladet tells at least one dastardly lie, and probably one
more, as all can tell who have the most rudimentary information about
the People's War in Peru. There is in fact *no* "part of the movement"
against the reactionary Fujimori regime which "supports" the "peace
agreement", since the entire affair of the so-called "call for
negotiations and peace" supposedly issued from prison(!) by the PCP
chairman comrade Gonzalo (Abimael Guzman) and other captured
PCP leaders from October 1993 on quite obviously is nothing but a
hoax, a propaganda manouevre by the SIN and the CIA from
beginning to end, as was clearly pointed out by the Central Committee
of the PCP on 7.10.93. It by no means has been a "line" within the
movement supporting the People's War, as the infamous phoney-
"Marxist" subversionists have maintained, but has been compleletly
rejected and condemned by that movement as a falsification.

And now the Aftonbladet would have people believe that in Stockholm someone
who rejects the "peace accord", i.e., who is a genuine supporter of the
People's War in Peru, should have attacked and seriously stabbed a -
conscious or deceived - propagandist of this SIN/CIA "peace accord" hoax?
There would have been no political
reason whatsoever for such a person to do so. And as far as I know,
there has been no earlier instance of an emigree genuine PCP
supporter acting in such a counterproductive and in fact counter-
revolutionary way as physically to attack a political opponent
(whether  he could be suspected of being an agent or not), in the
manner described here. An unbalanced person acting under some
sort of intensive personal pressure? This perhaps is not impossible
but seems very unlikely as an explanation. An agent provocateur? This is
what those facts which so far are known to me above all suggest.

On further details, the report in the (of course notoriously unreliable)
Aftonbladet reads i.a.:

"'It was a planned political assault', says the sister of the 47 years-
old man who was severly injured in the attack yesterday. She and
her husband were witnesses to the sanguinary deed....Together
with her family, the woman was taking the subway home shortly
before half past three yesterday afternoon. When on the platform
the recognized the perpetrator, who is in his mid-20:s."

" - He entered the same coach as we and stood very close to us
though the coach was almost empty. The doors had just closed
after the stop at Medborgarplatsen when the assailant suddenly
produced a knife and seized the 47-years-old man. 'He gripped
him from behind and thrust the knife deeply into the chest of my
brother', the woman says. Her husband intervened and managed
to prevent the perpetrator from stabbing anew....When after a
minute or so the subway train reached the next station, Skanstull,
by chance two policemen were standing at the platform. They
quickly realized what had happened and were able to arrest the
perpetrator immediately. He resisted, and the policemen had to
use their sticks to get him down to the ground. - Even after he had
been arrested he continued to yell 'I'll kill you, I'll kill you!', the
woman recounts."

The actions of this assailant, as reported here, indeed do not look
like those of a politically conscious person but rather like those of a
hired provocateur who plays out his act in the presence of a
convenient array of witnesses. Don't they stink of "setup"?

     *What is the political background?*

Concerning the political conflict with which this assault presumably
has to do, the Aftonbladet continues: "In 1992, the" [guerilla] "leader
Abimael Guzman was imprisoned. Since then, the movement has
split into two factions" [here you're lying again, ladies and gentlemen
pro-Russian-new-tsarist and  -US-imperialist propagandists] " -
Guzman who wants a peace accord" [no - this only according to the
lies of your friends his captors, who don't dare let him speak for himself
but have brutally put him into complete isolation] "and the new leaders"
[invented by you or your masters] "who want to continue the war".

Moreover, "Of those around 3000 Peruvians who reside in Sweden,
some 100 are committed to the cause of the Sendero Luminoso. Two
smaller groups - one in Stockholm and one in Malmoe - belong to the
more hard-line faction which is against peace" - the oh-so-"soft-line"
Aftonbladet pro-tsarist/imperialist faction of propagandists for
reactionary war against the people would need for the readers to be
somewhat soft in their heads if they're to take this account of theirs at
face value. Despite all bourgeois lies, the just People's War in Peru in
fact has considerable support among the masses in this country,
while the Fujimori regime is supported by only a few.

The Aftonbladet's express mention of Malmoe in this connection
probably is no coincidence. In this town in Southern Sweden, a particularly
sharp and consistent political struggle has been fought
against both the more open and the more camouflaged advocates
of capitulation on the international level, while the quite open "peace
accord" propaganda has had a certain central in Stockholm. I already
have posted some information on this, in #2en/de/fr/es/se and in
#3en of my UNITE! Info posting series, on 28.12.95 and 01.01.96
respectively. It seems appropriate to post some more information on
this subject here. Among other things, this may contribute towards
explaining why certain people might have had some particular
motives for staging a provocation such as this murder attempt
precisely here in Sweden.

     *Some facts on the struggle against the open and the
     camouflaged capitulationism and the subversion*

Immediately after the capture of comrade Gonzalo in Peru in
September 1992, local emergency comittees for defending his life
were formed in Sweden as in other countries. I participated in
forming the one here in Malmoe on 23.10.92 and also got the opportunity of
participating in the Founding Conference in Duisburg, Germany, in February
1993 of the IEC, the Intenational Emergency
Committee to Defend the Life of Dr. Abimael Guzman, which has
mobilized tens of thousands of people in some 40 countries in
a quite important public international defense campaign.

In Duisburg, where I participated as one of the official delegates
>from Sweden and thus was also appointed member of the IEC:s "parliament",
its Steering Committee, among other things I
acquired for the first time a copy of the so-called "Declaration
of the RIM" of 1984, an arch-reactionary phoney"Marxist"
document which vilely attacks the correct political line of Marx,
Lenin and Mao Zedong, thrusting a knife into the back of the
international proletariat, under the camouflage of being "revolutio-
nary", but which, most unfortunately, had been signed also by
the PCP, whose international prestige some comparatively
clever subvertionists, the leaders of the so-called Revolutionary
International Movement (RIM), had thus managed to put to the
grossest misuse during almost a decade already.

The reason why it wasn't difficult for me to see through the phoney
character of the "RIM declaration" was that I had participated in the
Marxist-Leninist movement since the time when chairman Mao was
still alive and thus was informed about his correct line. In particular,
I had during the years 1974-1990 been in close contact with the
German party KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT), which for a long time was
an eminently correct genuinely proletarian revolutionary party and,
as the only one at least in Europe, continued to uphold Mao Zedong's
correct line in all its aspects also after the overthrow of socialism in
China in 1976-78. In 1990 I had had to criticize that party as,
tragically, likewise now degenerated and bourgeois. But the earlier
experience of that very small and internationally little-known party (group)
- which was never contacted by the creators of the "RIM", who
certainly had as one of their most important aims to encircle and
suppress precisely this organization in the middle of Europe -
remained very important and remains so today.

[Continued in part 2/2]

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