Have the "New Flag" comrades misunderstood something?

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Mon Apr 15 01:49:21 MDT 1996

Have the "New Flag" comrades misunderstood something? [15.04.96]

I earlier this morning (CET) posted a "Hello all" and an article in 2 parts
on a certain serious incident in Stockholm and its probable causes.
To this there already has been a reaction, and IMO a somewhat
strange one, on the part of The New Flag <lquispe at blythe.org>,
who in a mail to Comrade J. on this list showed what seem to be
some misunderstandings. I'd like to clear them up, so here are
some comments.


>We should educate this "Larouche type" supporter of Sweden that...

As I stated, and as my writings since more than 20 years back
hopefully demonstrate very clearly, I'm by no means a "Larouche
type" nor any "supporter of" Sweden - except for my supporting the
independence of this second-world small capitalist country against
the superpowers, of course - but an adherent and advocate of the
political and ideological line of Marx, Lenin and Mao Zedong.

It would be interesting to know on what you, New Flag comrades,
might have based your accusation of my being any of those things which you


> that the New Flag was the first in exposing the Co-Rim and the RCP, >then
came EDI of Arce.

Well, as for who was the first to expose the Co-RIM's stabbing the
People's War in Peru in the back, I cannot tell for certain who was
really first with this; I never have pretended that either I or El Diario
Internacional should have that honour. What I claim as the particularly
important thing that I've done is to expose not only the Co-RIM but
the entire reactionary, although somewhat camouflaged, character
of the so-called "Declaration of the RIM" of 1984. I did this with my
leaflet "INFORMATIONSBLAD No.24 Eng", published on 12.06.94.
The same article I later sent on the Net as UNITE! Info #3en on

So far, I've seen no comment on this from the New Flag comrades.
I hereby invite them to state what they think of it. I hold that it has
been, and still is, a grave mistake by the PCP to support this
"RIM Declaration" which so flagrantly and vilely attacks the correct
proletarian revolutionary internationalist line of chairman Mao. I
hope that it will be possible to bring this matter to the attention of
the Central Committee of the PCP, so that those comrades will
realize and correct this serious mistake.


>Also, he should practice self-criticism when he said that the MPP in >USA
was "dubious" or "Arce told him something like were were too >big...and
other crap that he was weary, an other nonsense."

Since you've gotten your facts wrong here, too, comrades, I don't
think that I should practice any self-criticism on account of that which
you wrote.

What I wrote to some other comrades was that, firstly, I hoped that
it would be possible to unite with the "Quispe crowd", or the people
of the New Flag,  but that, secondly, I was wary - *not* "weary" of
you because of certain things which I had earlier seen you post,
such as the view that the Serbs in ex-Yugoslavia were "fighting
an anti-imperialist war" and "should be supported in this" in a
similar way to that in which the Vietnamese people were to be supported
during their war against the US imperialist aggression.
I stated as my opinion that in the war in ex-Yugoslavia, there seemed
to be bad points on all sides but that, certainly, Serbia was *not*
fighting a just war. I still think that this standpoint of yours is quite
strange and speaks against you.

I also gave as my opinion - *not* that of Luis Arce Borja - that
your outfit to me appeared "somewhat big" for a genuine one,
this in the present situation where, as far as I have seen, all
genuinely revolutionary forces are under massive pressure from
the reactionaries. Of course it's better to have a bigger outfit, if
possible, than a smaller one, and of course this statement of
mine wasn't meant to suggest that unity with you should be ruled
out simply because of the size of your outfit, which as far as I can
tell may have some positive causes instead of negative ones.

Your posting this morning does nothing to convince me of your
sincerety as revolutionaries or as supporters of the People's
War in Peru. In fact it rather more seems to point in an opposite
direction. I hope that further discussion may clear these things up.
I've noted your relatively recent swing towards a more open support
for El Diario Internacional, which I consider to be a positive thing.
And I think if would be a good thing, not only seen from my
viewpoint but from the viewpoints of many other supporters of the
People's War in Peru, too, if you would comment on those
points which I've made above. Let's discuss all those matters
openly and fully!

Rolf M.

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