Correcting error in "Have the 'New Flag'"...

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at
Mon Apr 15 02:40:46 MDT 1996

In my quite recent posting "Have the 'New Flag' comrades
misunderstood something?", I erroneously wrote, under my
point 2, that my leaflet "IFBL No.24 Emg", which exposed
the reactionary nature of the phoney"Marxist" so-called
"RIM Declaration" of 1984 and (as far as I know) was the
first publication to do so, was published on "12.06.94".

I think it's important to correct this error. The leaflet
actually was published on *12.08.94*, i.e. two months
later than I might have seemed to pretend. The date given
for the publication on the Net of the article in question
(as "UNITE! Info #3en"), 01.01.96, remains correct.

Rolf M.

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